About the IHA

Who are we?

The International Huntington Association is an umbrella organization formed by Huntington’s disease (HD) associations all over the world

We represent more than 250.000 individual members.

South and North-America as well as China, Australia are members of the International Huntington Association.  India Huntington’s disease Society Of India and Arab Huntington Association الجمعية العربية للهنتغتون is our latest members.  The Arab HA strive to be represented in all 22 Arabic speaking countries by establishing National organisations.


The International Huntington Association will  connect people through our unique cross border network. Together we will let our voice be heard and work for better care, treatment and research.  We will collaborate in World-Wide clinical trials being approved by the IHA Board.


The International Assciation will do all their work “by heart”. Our job is to fight stigma and shame and promote respect and dignity.  Our strongest tools are “love and peace and share knowledge across culture and borders globally”!

Our main objectives

  • Support and encourage collaboration across borders
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences
  • Motivate the HD community to participate in clinical trials
  • Raise awareness of HD
  • Use our impact towards health-authorities and governments
  • Establish new National HD organisations