About Us

The International Huntington´s Association (IHA) is an umbrella organization formed by Huntington’s Disease (HD) associations all over the world, representing more than 250.000 individual members.

Some of the members of the IHA include South and North America, China, Australia, India and the Arab Huntington´s associations.

The IHA has its own board, which is elected every other year.


Our Aim

Our main aim is to connect people through our unique borderless network.  We work for better care, treatment and research for Huntington´s Disease.  We also collaborate in world-wide clinical trials that are approved by the IHA board.


Our Objectives

  • Support and encourage collaboration across borders
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences
  • Motivate the Huntington community to participate in clinical trials
  • Raise awareness of Huntington’s Disease
  • Use our impact towards health-authorities and governments
  • Establish new National Huntington’s Disease Associations