‘The Inheritance’ Huntington’s Documentary is now available

The new Australian-New Zealand documentary film about Huntington’s Disease, ‘The Inheritance’ was made by Huntington-HD family member and filmmaker Bridget Lyon, who shares the story of the disease in her family as well as telling of the history, science and impact of Huntington’s.

‘The Inheritance’ Huntington’s Documentary – An Intimate Story of a Courageous Family

The inheritance addressed in this illuminating, personal and courageous film could hardly be more daunting. Film editor Bridget Lyon was just 21 when she found out her mother had the gene for Huntington’s Disease, a hereditary degenerative brain condition. At 33, Bridget and her two older brothers – who each had a 50% chance of inheriting the disease – finally chose to get tested.

Australian-New Zealand filmmakers Bridget and her partner in life and work, Jeff McDonald, have documented a confronting time in their lives as they find out that their family will not go untouched by this horrific disease.

“Discovering that I have not escaped the family inheritance, I set out on a journey to honour my mother and find hope for my child,” says Bridget. “I uncover the horrors of dying from Huntington’s Disease and discover stories of those who have killed themselves as first symptoms appear, not wanting to deteriorate as they have seen parents or siblings do.”

“I discover a profound tale of unconditional love as I visit my Mum who fights silently every day with my Dad by her side. I struggle to face up to the reality of such an inevitable demise for so many of my family and the harrowing possibility that my son might have inherited it. But as my family strains under this impossible pressure we find that we are even stronger than we thought.”

‘The Inheritance’ film tells of the history, science and impact of Huntington’s and shows the everyday heroism of people facing up to this disease, including Charles Sabine, former NBC News journalist, now an international spokesperson for people living with HD. Meet historians, personalities from the Huntington’s Disease global community and foremost scientists and medical experts racing to find a cure. With what they know now, will life be different for Bridget and other sufferers of Huntington’s Disease in their lifetime?

‘The Inheritance’ screened to sell-out World Premiere screenings at the 2014 New Zealand International Film Festival and also screened at the 2014 Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival.


“A tremendously affecting film.” Radio New Zealand

“Truly one of the most moving and inspirational stories I have ever witnessed on the big screen.” The Dominion Post

“It is absolutely an incredible documentary – the type of which, once you see it, you never forget it.” ABC Radio National


‘The Inheritance’ is now available on DVD and Video on Demand at: http://www.theinheritancedocumentary.com