Wave Life Sciences Announces Topline Data and Addition of Higher Dose Cohort in Ongoing Phase 1b/2a PRECISION-HD2 Trial in Huntington’s Disease!

Wave and Roche neck and neck! This is very good news for Huntingtonians world-wide!

We attended a very exciting webcast yesterday!  Wave broke some very interesting news and the first part of their trial with Precision HD2 is very promising, says Svein Olaf Olsen President of the International Huntington Association.

While Roche´s trial drug attacks both the healthy and sick huntingtin, Wave has developed a drug that only “attacks” the “sick huntingtin gene.

We have been waiting in anticipation for Wave’s medicine, says Svein Olaf Olsen.

There has been some tension about whether one would be able to achieve a reduction in the “sick huntingtin gene” and it seems that wave has succeeded. 39 patients, i.e. a small number, have received the drug of varying strength, says Svein Olaf Olsen, and further states that out of the 39 patients, 12 patients received placebo – i.e. no medicine.

The result so far, which was published in the webcast and in a press release, is that the patients who received the drug tolerated it very well. So far, no one has shown any signs of intolerance. And best of all, those who received the highest dose, 16 mg once a month for four months, showed the best results in lowering the “sick huntingtin”.

– And most importantly; the patients who received the active drug showed a reduced level of mHTT in their spinal fluid, compared to the ones given the placebo. Basically, this means that higher dosage seems to cause more reduction of mHTT. An important next step is to find the “perfect” dosing.

Already in January, Wave will be starting to give a larger dose to patients who are part of the trial.

That the trial of precision HD2 continues, is very important to us, says Svein Olaf Olsen. Roche’s drug, which has progressed further in the testing phase, has shown that it is far from any wonder drug. We have always been sceptical about the fact that the medicine attacks so broadly, says Olsen, and continues:

– The fact that Wave can now succeed in just attacking the sick huntingtin means that we are moving towards what could be a potential solution for Huntingtonians – namely, precision medicine. Learn more about the results by clicking here.

And we at IHA promise to keep the world updated!  Uniqure will soon be launching its “one-shot” drug to be injected into the brain. It will be incredibly exciting. The world is made up of many brave people who are willing to be pioneers in the work of finding a medicine that stops Huntington and many brave people who enrol for the trials. Collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and us Huntingtonians is therefore super-important, and CHDI’s focus means that the goal will be achieved. It’s actually within reach, or to put it another way, within a short time we have a cocktail of medicine to stop the Huntington troll, concludes Svein Olaf Olsen.  To find a trial near you, Please visit the HDtrialfinder and read the letter from wave here