To finish May Awareness Month in the most inspiring and hopeful way possible, the International Huntington Association and European Huntington Association had a webinar with Dimitri Poffé, a Huntington’s Disease advocate that is moving the community while traveling South America all by bike.

Dimitri is Huntington positive but he hasn’t developed any symptoms. Once he realised he had the gene, Dimitri decided to do what makes him happy, which is travel the world. In the conversation, Dimitri talked about how scared he is and that he gets tired after long hours of biking, but that he is strong enough to keep pushing, also because he wants to make a difference and get to know all of the different Huntington associations in Latin America.

He is now in Colombia and even showed everyone how beautiful the country is. Participants had a chance to make Dimitri all the questions they had and everyone had a chance to get to know Dimitri better, while having great hope for the future.

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