This is a story of hope. Sherry Lazaruk and her son, Trevor Strutt, are both diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. Sherry was diagnosed when she turned 30 and Trevor was diagnosed 5 years ago.

Trevor decided to test himself not to suffer, but to be able to fight the disease early on. His mother’s symptoms started when she was around 41, and of course it was a troubling moment for the family.

Despite this, they decided to fight back. Sherry started exercising at least two times a day and having a balanced diet, which considerably improved her health. Trevor even offered her a new cell phone and taught her how to use it, to make sure she Sherry stays active.

Trevor has one big advice for the community: “People around HD patients need to make sure they give motivation, not discouragement”. He says this with hope, because even though there’s no cure yet, giving up is also not an option, and his mother is the living proof of that.

“With exercise and hard work anyone can make a difference in their mindsets and life. Don’t let depression make you feel defeated. Rise back up and don’t give up. With the right attitude about Huntington’s, we can still live close to a full healthy life. I ride marathons on a bike and I’m very active at the gym, but that doesn’t mean someone needs money or gym to get healthy. Exercise can be done right at home and even on the couch. So, my major advice would be to anyone suffering with Huntington’s, don’t let anything or anyone make you give up. Your will and life are in your hands, no matter how hard it feels never give up on yourself.”

Trevor finishes his story in the most beautiful and inspiring way possible.

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