International Huntington Association has received a very generous donation. A Norwegian donor is behind the donation. He wishes to remain anonymous. The money is earmarked for a new position at IHA’s office in Lisbon and is given under this condition. The newly created position will strengthen IHA’s work in relation to communicating with already existing members and new National HD organizations that are being established. Moreover, the marketing and communications department needs to be strengthened. The president of IHA, Svein Olaf Olsen, says that the money will be used in accordance with the donor’s wishes and prerequisites for the gift. We can read in all statistics that apply to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and our own website that articles are read outside North America and Europe – almost weekly we get inquiries from countries that we have not communicated with previously or that it has been a long time since we have had contact with. Until now, Daniela has been working around the clock to keep up.  Therefore, this donation is highly appreciated.

Miguel Caetano, new Team Member of International Huntington Association
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