It’s May Awareness Month! Each year, the global Huntington’s community unites during the month of May in a shared mission to raise awareness for the thousands of people affected by Huntington’s Disease (HD). This year we want to raise the global community voice and give them a safe space to share their stories, talk about the importance of clinical research for Huntington’s disease and encourage them to join local association’s events.
At this moment, we have 2 initiatives confirmed:


PROOF-HD study - What do the results show us and what's next?
Register here for the upcoming webinar ➡️

When the news about the preliminary study results from the PROOF-HD study came last week many people were disappointed. Some sources presented it as a solely negative outcome and many expressed great disappointment.

In our view, the results are much more mixed and not at all only negative. Some of the participants in the study seem to have a clear benefit from the drug.  Knowledge is power

Register for the webinar and make up your own opinion after having heard Dr Michael Hayden (CEO and co-founder of Prilenia) present the results and his evaluation of what they mean.
Dr Ralf Reilman (Principal Investigator for PROOFHD in Europe) will also present his thoughts about the results.

Photo contest

Join our Stronger Together Photography Contest! You can win a free registration for the EHA Conference 2023 in Belgium.
The European Huntington Association and the International Huntington Association organized a photo contest during #MayAwarenessMonth2023 for a new and creative chance to raise awareness for Huntington’s Disease.
We always talk about the importance of the global HD community and why we are stronger together, but now we want to hear it from you! Participate in our Photo Contest by sending us a photo that represents the unity of the concept “Stronger Together in the HD Community”.
Here are the rules for the Photo Contest:
– Submit only one photo before May 25th to our email:
– Give us some info: Name and email address to contact you
The winners will be annouced on the 31st of May, both in International Huntington Association and European Huntington Association‘s accounts
Good luck! 

And more!

We are going to have some special people talk about the HD Community in our social media, so make sure you follow all of our account so that you don’t miss anything!

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