The HD Community already knows Dimitri Poffé’s adventures too well, and now, the world will too. The French traveler who is doing a bicycle trip through all South America to raise awareness for Huntington’s Disease will now have his own documentary to report his jorney.

An epic 18.000-kilometer (11.200 mi) ride for Huntington’s disease from Mexico to Patagonia. “The Present” is a 2023 adventure documentary featuring the story of Dimitri Poffé, a French traveler who left his native France to undertake a cycling trip from Mexico City to Ushuaia after he tested positive for Huntington’s disease.

The documentary is by Cascada Expediciones and is directed by Timothy Dhalleine. The soundtrack is made by Bastian Bascuñan and Miguel Johnson.

You can already see the trailer for the film, that is being released in August:

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