Jasmine and Sai are high school students from the US.  They’re two young people who are determined to make a difference and inspire others to follow suit. 

A fundraising initiative they set up and managed recently raised an incredible $2000 for Huntington’s Disease

While initially planning to put value into their free time through volunteering, the pair were suddenly inspired to create a fundraiser instead.  Wanting the proceeds to go towards a rare disease charity, they chose to target Huntington’s Disease (HD), which Sai’s mother was diagnosed with in 2012. 

Jasmine explains how they kick-started the initiative. “We decided to take a big leap forward and found our own organization to better connect with our cause to raise awareness for HD. After getting an official logo and name – Rise Against Huntington’s – we expanded our team. We realized that we could only be successful if we had the hearts and minds of many friends supporting us along the way”.

Sai adds that they decided to do a Bake Sale.  “After getting help from over 30 people, we were able to come up with a product to sell and a plan to sell it. It took many long hours of dedication and perseverance to communicate, organize, and efficiently get this fundraiser working through our respective high schools, Manalapan High School and Biotechnology High School. We came up with a marketing plan, executed it, and managed orders for our bake sale”.

Results far exceed expectation.  “In the end, we sold enough custom cookies, brownies, and cupcakes to raise around $2000, well over our original goal of $500. Since then, we have celebrated our success and are already planning our next fundraiser.”

Jasmine and Sai want their story to inspire other high school students to know that being young doesn’t prevent you from developing your own fundraisers and organizations. They would not be where they are now without courage and leadership.  They stand as inspiration for other high schoolers.

President of the International Huntington Association (IHA), Svein Olaf Olsen says “We’re enormously grateful to Sai and Jasmine for the funds they’ve raised to support families with Huntington’s Disease.  Their initiative, dedication, big hearts, and big smiles are an inspiration.”

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