HD Blog

What is HD Blog?

HD Blog is a project that was developed as a part of the International Huntington Association’s 50th anniversary in 2024.

HD is a complex disease, and even with a lot of information available today, we believe that something is missing: personal stories. Feelings, advice, choices, ideas, indecision, mechanisms, and thoughts all need a space to be shared. Therefore, HD Blog was created to provide such a place. 

The community is essential because it helps us understand that we are not alone in our struggles as others feel the same way we do.

How it works?

Topic is chosen

At the beggining of each month, a topic will be open for discussion on this page of the website. It will also be annouced on our social media pages.

Start of topic opinions

To better start the conversation, the subject will already start with some perspectives about it, previously sent and requested by the IHA team directly. These can be shared in different formats: video, audio, text, powerpoint, paintings, digital art. 

Discussion is open

We want this page to be for our readers and by our readers. So, for each topic that opens, we want you to send your personal outlook. This will be shared through a form so that you can keep your privacy if you want to give your opinion anonymously.

Check the different topics

After our approval, the opinions will be shared here and, if authorized, on our social media. Here you will have access to all topics discussed. If you want to suggest a specific subject, you can request it.




Submit your opinion

Remember, this is a blog for our readers and by your readers. Your voice matters, and if you have got something to share on any topic, we would love to hear it. And no worries – you can stay completely anonymous if you want. Just fill out ‘Topic’ and ‘Upload your Submission’ ; the rest is optional. Feel free to use a pseudonym if you prefer.


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